E3 2015: Hands-on with Super Dungeon Bros


One of the games I had a chance to play at E3 was a game called Super Dungeon Bros, a neat little dungeon crawling game with action RPG combat, some light puzzles, a heavy co-operative focus, and a tinge of roguelike features. It’s a laundry list of gaming trends but don’t let that be a deterrent as Super Dungeon Bros was an enjoyable demo.


Super Dungeon Bros pulls in its flavor, rock and roll music, right off the bat with the names of the four playable characters: Axl, Freddie, Lars and Ozzie. From there the demo had eight weapons to choose from, split among four categories: crossbow, hammer, sword, and wand. The full game will have more weapons, I was told. Once all four players are ready, it’s time to venture off into the realm of Rokheim and defeat some enemies.

The game plays like a top-down, action RPG as the four players work together to overcome tough enemies or solve some simple puzzles. Or not. Although the four players must work together, especially for bosses, there are better bonuses for the player who performs the best meaning there is incentive to mess with your buddies while playing. Working together is definitely important though. When we reached the boss, for example, he had a phase where he couldn’t be attacked from certain places. To damage him, one player would have to be thrown up onto a higher platform by another player. So while it’s fun to toss each other off of platforms, working together is important to actually complete levels. Allies can also team up to do awesome combined attacks like the Bro Nado whirlwind attack which can bro down—I mean, mow down enemies.


Overall the combat was decent. It did feel a little rough around the edges but that could have been because the demo was still an early build of the game. Outside of that I liked how it played. I didn’t get to try them all but there seemed to be some good variety in the weapons. There were plenty types of enemies to kill, some of which required different strategies to take down. I liked the banter system in the game too, which also bro-ught in some of the game’s rock-style with music quotes that the characters would toss out when the player pushed one of the d-pad buttons.

The level I tried was fairly short, ending in the boss stage but it sounds like the full game will have meatier levels with several sections before the boss. And because the levels are procedurally generated, there are always new levels to play. The developers were touting that there are 32 million different possible level combinations; probably more than anyone will ever actually complete. They are also planning daily and weekly challenges so players can compete for leaderboard positions (bro-adband internet required).


Super Dungeon Bros may not be the most original game I saw at E3, but hey if it ain’t bro-ke don’t fix it. It’s still a rocking game and I could easily see this being a hit with groups who have regular game nights as the couch co-op seems like the perfect way to be able to rib your bros when they screw up. Online co-op will be in the game as well, with planned cross-platform support between PS4 and PC/Mac for maximum bro-op. The game should launch this winter for gamers who need to rock out with their bros.

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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