Metrico + Coming to the PlayStation 4

metrico logo

Digital Dreams announced that it is bringing it’s latest release Metrico + to the PlayStation 4. The original Metrico was originally released for the PlayStation Vita, featuring unique worlds to explore,distinct sounds, and challenging situations. New worlds are being developed for the PlayStation 4 version.

Lead designer Geert Nellen says about the project:

“We are extremely happy with how Metrico was received by players and press. The PlayStation Vita is a fantastic platform with a great audience, but we want more people to enjoy the world we created. So now we’re really excited about Metrico making the transition to the big screen and can’t wait to share the look and feel of the Metrico+ experience with an entirely new audience on Steam and consoles.”

Metrico +
is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2016.

Check out the review for Metrico here.



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