Driveclub Sales Exceed Two Million


It had a very bumpy road (pun intended) during the initial launch but it would seem this great driving game has made Sony a nice profit. Paul Rustchynsky – Game Director of #DRIVECLUB, Evolution Studios posted a nice picture on Twitter showing off the award for exceeding two million in sales. If you have yet to play this great game I suggest you check out the PS Nation review by Glenn.

Joe Anderson quickly asked if that number included the PlayStation Plus Edition to which Paul replied with “Can’t provide any more details other than this figure was reached prior to the release of the PS+ Edition.”

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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  • Lenny Lenster Stone

    I played dc from day one and yes it was a pain in the butt with stability. But I persevered. The ton of dlc that came out is emmense for the price of it now.
    It is a beautiful looking game. Sometimes I slow down just to look at the dynamic weather. The rain on the windshield when the wipers are on, changes with the speed u go. In project cars there are no wipers in certain views.
    My only critique is that it needs more countries and different tracks to enjoy the cars on.
    One more thing online MP needs more choice too.
    But like I say u get yr monies worth and then some.
    Lenny . 41.