E3 2015: Hands-On Gioteck

When Gioteck showed up on my schedule for E3 2015 I honestly had to Google them since I had never heard of them. A gaming accessories company that makes controllers, headphones, chat accessories and gaming chairs. Their diverse lineup of accessories really impressed me and I was excited to see what they had to show. They didn’t disappoint.


Bluetooth convenience for compatible devices (PS4 needs to have wire plugged into the controller for chat). With large over ear cups that are very comfortable. I was only able to try them on for a short time since they were prototype and very fragile. Multi-functional for game consoles and mobile devices. Now for the game changing feature, you can remove the ear cups from the headphone frame and use them as amazing sounding wireless speakers (the speakers are wired to each other but can be connected wireless or wired to your mobile device). Intuitive on ear controls along with LED indicators for power and mic round out these headphones. There are 3 different kinds of this model headset. The FL200, FL300 and FL400. The FL400 is a pure wireless headset that uses a dongel for PS4 Chat while the other 2 headset have wired connection to the Dualshock 4. There of course is a variety of price-points for these as well. FL200 $59.99, FL300 $79.99 and the FL400 $129.99. Check out the video below.

lp colors
This is a chat only device that really peaked my interest. I feel this is a missing accessory that I haven’t seen yet. I really wanted a wireless chat device where I could still use my TV speakers and not be tethered to my controller and the LP-01 fits this need perfectly. The LP-01 chat headset works with either ear and has a reversible ear piece. I feel this is a huge miss for other companies that do not have a chat only headset that allows you to take advantage of your sound system without it being drowned out by over ear headphones. Being Bluetooth compatible is a huge bonus for mobile devices as well as PS3 and Vita. Check out there video below.

Keep your eyes here for more info about Gioteck and other hardware companies for more reviews and news as it comes in.

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