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  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation Vita


  • PlayStation TV Compatible Yes
  • Cross-Buy Yes
  • Cross-Save Yes
  • Cross-Play No
  • Cross-Chat No
Title: Velocibox
Format: PlayStation Network Download (PS4 77.1 MB) (PSV 77.1 MB)
Release Date: July 28, 2015
Publisher: LOOT Interactive, LLC
Developer: LOOT Games
Original MSRP: $12.49 (US), €10.99 (EU), £8.99 (UK)
ESRB Rating: E
Velocibox is also available on PC and Mac.
The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita download versions were used for this review.
A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review purposes.
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The original Velocibox was first conceived during the Ludum Dare #26 game jam with the theme being ‘minimalism’. Velocibox is a twitch-heavy, endless runner made for a hardcore audience.

You have been warned.

Shawn Beck, Loot Interactive
Shawn Beck

Guide a box along a never-ending hallway whilst avoiding a bombardment of hazards with only three controls to worry about, moving left or right and being able to flip to the opposite side of the corridor. Seems easy enough but let me tell you something for nothing, Velocibox will drive you mad. I even questioned my feelings on this endless runner genre and wondered if this is the game that sours my enjoyment for every game like it.

Velocibox_20150803002221 Velocibox_20150803002231

You might think it strange that I rushed into what seems like a conclusion in the above paragraph but you’ll have the very same thoughts when playing and and dying in the time it took to read this section. Velocibox will drive you mad. One slight graze of an obstacle and it’s game over. Because the gameplay is blisteringly fast from the outset you’ll often only realise the mistake after it’s too late. Reactions have to be relentlessly fast and this game tires you out.

Each try is usually over in under a second but with instant restarts you’ll find yourself trying over and over until exhaustion and anger spills out of your clenched hands grasping the PlayStation 4 controller or Vita until it almost shatters into countless anger filled pieces. Just when you’re on the verge of breaking down into a crumpled heap on the floor a moment of pure luck or dare I say it, primal instinct kicks-in and you collect enough pieces to advance to the next level. Any sense of accomplishment quickly fades as there is no respite between the potentially quick levels. As the wall coloring changes with each level so does the difficulty and new set of obstacles to slam into over and over again. Velocibox will drive you mad.

… This game will drive you mad …
Right out of the gate you’ll be able to play through the nine levels in either a normal or ranked game. You can unlock other modes but I failed to get past the sixth level as this game made me too enraged to carry on. Velocibox will drive you mad and many will fail to complete it, just as I did. I could have pushed on and maybe reached the end but the scale of torture definitely outweighed the fun.

Velocibox_20150730185655 Velocibox_20150803002246

Velocibox features Cross-Save between the PS4 and PS Vita but it only works in the background and I couldn’t find a way to push a save to the cloud manually. It doesn’t register previous levels, only the current one and so the older level trophies don’t pop until you play them on the other system. I also lost some progress as the Vita save wouldn’t update even when I turned the Cross-Save off and on again in the settings menu therefore my PS4 save became the latest and current one which then went to the cloud.

Velocibox is fast and smooth on both systems. Graphically they look very similar with only an infrequent half second pause when you collide with an obstacle on the little handheld system.

There isn’t much else to write about when it comes to Velocibox. Behind a simple and basic menu lies the corridor of insanity where you’ll hurtle down it so fast it would be hard to distinguish if it were the white padded walls of a mental asylum. Where reality and logic are disintegrating with every disturbing impact, coupled with a voice saying the two words that we’ve heard so many times before but now purvey a haunting taunt…

… This game will drive you mad …
…”Game Over,” the incorporeal voice says for the thousandth time. I hate that voice. I’ve heard the voice say one or two other things but nothing fills me with anger like those two detestable words.

Velocibox does feature some music but only while the block is racing down the never-ending corridor, it cuts out when you inevitably die and so I’ve only listened to a few seconds and couldn’t really tell you much about it.

velocibox-vita-scr-01 velocibox-vita-scr-03

This game is single-player only with no online component.

… This game will drive you mad …
Graphically and technically there is nothing wrong with the game apart from the lazy Cross-Save, however, I may have touched on this earlier but want to reiterate the undeniable truth that Velocibox is a wild and chaotic game that will drive most people totally and utterly mad. A game for the sadistic physiological self-mutilators out there. I found no pleasure in this game apart from when I deleted it.


* All screenshots used in this review were taken directly from the game using the Vita’s built in screen capture feature and the Share functionality on the PlayStation 4.

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Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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