PAX 2015: Hands-On Tinertia


Set for an early 2016 release, Tinertia is a physics-based fast-paced platformer. The key feature of the game is that there is no way to make your character jump, so you have to use the blasts from your rocket launcher to propel yourself around the environment.


The game is beautiful, and is laid out on a two-dimensional field, but has a full 3D rendered background with the foreground shown in a relatively shallow depth of field—giving the backgrounds a slightly out of focus effect. Each level that I saw in the demo, and with my hands-on time, was set up with a series of small start and end points.

When the little robot would get to the end point, the entire level would rotate until the next section would come into focus. Each world is mainly composed of nine levels and a boss battle, where you mainly are trying to focus on escaping the area.

Instead of gaining new abilities as you go along, the environments will introduce various new obstacles and different mechanics in the level. For example, there was one point where you have to shoot a small trap to get it to close so that you can jump off of it.

Tinertia also seems to be geared more towards speed running, because it records each of your runs are recorded so that they can be shared. In all, there are set to be sixty-six levels with seven worlds, each with a boss. There are a few other modes included with the game, some unlocked after beating it, such as a Speed Run mode and a Boss Rush mode.

Overall, I think those of you, who really love mastering relatively simple game mechanics to speed through a game, will love this one.

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Written by Jason Honaker

Jason Honaker

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