PAX 2015: YIIK Preview and Developer Q&A


YIIK or Y2k is an Japanese-style turn-based RPG with similarities to Shin Megami Tensei: Persona and Earthbound; I got a chance to check it out at PAX as well as talk to Andrew Allanson who is the co-director of the game.

The unique thing about this game is that each move is achieved by doing a mini-game. The game was designed with the mini-game mechanic to make the player feel more like they were interacting with the game and to also break up the monotony of menu-driven attacks and spells. I learned that there were around thirty-five different mini-games associated with the skills, and each team member has a completely different set of skills.


As for the team members, this game is also pretty unique in that there are nine members in your party, which really seems like a lot in terms of Japanese-style turn-based RPGs.

When I asked about how the movement was within the game, I was told that it’s similar to Final Fantasy VII, where you can move freely around the screen and then when you go into another area, the screen will change. It also has a giant over-world with nine dungeons, and though the game is linear, the world is non-linear.


As far as the characters go, they each have their own personality and will have their on pre-scripted dialog (similar to Mass Effect). Since Persona was mentioned, I asked about if there are Social Links like in Persona, and was told yes, in fact there are Social Links but no explicit meter for affection. Also in regards to the affection, from your party towards the main player, it will change the way the game ends depending on how you interact with the other players. It was also mentioned that there are around five different endings, depending on these interactions.

As for the story of the game, it revolves around twenty-somethings in the year 1999. And with the setting and age of the characters in the game, they’re dealing with things like unemployment and other facts of life growing up. At the same time, these young adults are also thrown into the world of the occult.

The story delves into a the paranormal when these characters see an animated gif, on a message board, of a girl being terrorized by a possessed elevator. So after this happens, the characters become obsessed with investigating where the gif comes from, who the girl is, and what is going on with the elevator; from there, the story takes a twist and you get your first quest.

From what I could see about the game, there didn’t appear to be actual monsters that you fight (in the demo at least), but I could see that the person was fighting other weird people. So I’m guessing this is how the game is similar to Earthbound.

The release window for the game is this winter (sometime between December and February), and will be coming to PS Vita and PS4. I asked if the game will be PlayStation TV compatible, and was told that there is a good chance it will be, but no solid confirmation. I also found out that the game will be cross save and possibly cross buy; although it sounded like they do want it to be cross buy but couldn’t know for sure. I suppose if the game is indeed cross buy, it kind of negates the need for PlayStation TV compatibility, but I’m always glad to see more PlayStation TV support.

I unfortunately didn’t take the opportunity to try the game for myself due to time limitations, but it sounds and looks so fascinating, I can’t wait to see more of it.

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Written by Jason Honaker

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