TGS 2015: One Piece: Burning Blood Announced


One exciting game for us One Piece fans, Bandai Namco took the stage and announced what looks to be a new One Piece fighting game: One Piece: Burning Blood. The game is developed by Spike Chunsoft, and has the same silky smooth look as Dragon Ball XV. It doesn’t look to have the more textured look as One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 has, but more of the cel-shaded look with thick lines.

One really exciting thing that was mentioned about the game is that the Devil Fruit powers of the characters are going to be fully “reenacted.” I think this was probably a direct translation, but I took it to mean that possibly each character would have their devil fruit abilities fully realized in the gameplay.

The gameplay itself looked to have one on one arena battles, and I saw one battle between Doflamingo and Luffy. It will be interesting to learn more what was meant by the reenacted Devil Fruit powers, since I thought many of the games so far did a pretty good job of having all the various abilities. One thing that comes to mind though, is perhaps the powers will be more authentic like in the later Naruto games. I suppose we’ll just have to wait to find out.

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Written by Jason Honaker

Jason Honaker

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