Hitman Delayed Into 2016


IO Interactive delivered some bad news for players hoping to get their hands on Hitman on December 8th because it has been delayed till March 2016. Hitman was a surprise announcement during this year’s E3 and it was even more surprising when the game had a December release date. It was later revealed that the game would try something different and release more content over time after releasing a chunk of the game on launch.

Over on IO Interactive’s blog they explain more about how the game’s content model will work and how this delay will help make for a better experience.

“It’s safe to say HITMAN is the biggest venture we’ve ever undertaken at Io-Interactive. Not just in terms of scope and ambition but also in terms of the size of the game world itself. The playable area and density of our locations goes beyond anything we’ve built before. We’re striving to create a series of living, breathing worlds in those locations and we get pretty obsessed about every detail that you’ll experience.

On top of that, we’re going for a new release model where we put out a good chunk of the game when it begins and then release the remaining locations over time. We want to make absolutely sure you all get the best possible experience when you join, so we’ve made the difficult decision to move the initial release date to March 2016. These few extra months will mean we can add more to the launch content of the game, more than we had originally planned, and then follow with a tighter frequency of updates, which ultimately will create a better game for everyone. And in the end, that’s what we’re all looking for.”

Hitman when it releases will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Hitman

Written by Michael Cwick

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