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I recently went to EGX 2015 in Birmingham and stood in a queue for just over an hour to play of one my most anticipated games for the coming year. I spent so much time playing the previous iteration in the series that I clocked way over one hundred hours in it and attained one of my proudest platinum trophies since they appeared on the PS3 all those years ago.

Avalanche Studios promises Just Cause 3 will give the fans everything that they loved with the last two games and then add even more on top. With my time at the show limited I thought the risk was worth taking and waited, I snuck my colleague Raj into the line beside me. After another ten minutes and a presentation with a trailer followed by a lengthy introduction we finally got twenty minutes with the game.

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I started next to a nice shiny red sports car just outside of a town and instantly jumped in and drove, I quickly arrived at a gas station and jumped out of the car letting it careen into the pumps. A massive explosion erupted sending debris everywhere, some of it hit my character who had just managed to stand up, sending him flailing.

As a result of the carnage the local police quickly arrived and didn’t wait around to ask questions. Taking a few hits I managed to jump into a car and make a quick getaway with the police following close behind. They had jumped into some empty civilian vehicles whose occupants had fled due to the fireball I had caused and were gaining on my feeble motor.

Screeching to a halt in the middle of a highway I stepped out assault rifle in hand and opened fire on the pursuing vehicles. One exploded as it hurtled by, distracting me from the other three cars coming to a stop on the other side of my dilapidated ride. One was a police vehicle with a mounted gun, seeing it wasn’t occupied I saw my opportunity and got in, quickly unleashing a barrage of bullets on the unlucky enemies. With all of them taken out I casually cruised down the asphalt.

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I spotted a strangely placed helipad in a clearing and made my way to it, there was a sleek black helicopter sitting there proudly in the afternoon sun. With no-one around I hopped in and took flight. Some kind of a dockland refinery storage yard came into view with enticing red strips plastered all over the containers, if you’ve ever played Just Cause 2 you’ll recognize the destructive possibilities ahead. As I grew near an ominous beep from a missile lock-on sounded, I jumped out as the enemy missile impacted. I opened my wingsuit and glided to the corner of the facility.

The midair helicopter explosion had caused every enemy to notice my arrival and the ones close enough to start shooting. I swapped to my parachute and started shooting back with my Uzi. Killing two guards as I gently landed near an anti-aircraft missile turret. I was able to hack into it thereby disabling it. Knowing there were more I made my way round the edge of the well armed area destroying a few large containers along the way with some well placed C4 charges.

I was able to obliterate two gunboats in the dock area just by using my assault rifle which seemed a bit too easy but maybe I’m just that good? I managed to disable to more turrets and jump into an attack chopper but just as my guns began to lay waste to some silos and another gunboat my time with the game was at an end.

As you might have guessed this game and my short time with Just Cause 3 was pure bliss, even if it was hampered by the fact of having to use an Xbox One controller. I cannot talk about the console quality as it was running off a high end PC but the gameplay, explosions, pure organic carnage is everything I had hoped it would be and more. I wonder how long it’ll take to get the platinum in this one?

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Second opinion – Raj:

Like many a gamer, Just Cause 2 was one of my high points of the PS3’s lifespan. For some reason, Just Cause 3 didn’t quite grab me at EGX, but I can certainly see enormous potential. The controls felt a little off – though this was of course not the final build and, as Chazz mentioned, used an Xbox One controller on a PC. The AI enemies also seemed rather stupid, but again, this will likely be tweaked for launch.

On the plus side, I found the combat to be pretty satisfying with a few entertaining shootouts in the brief session. The sheer variety is great too, as are the volume of things to do. This was the strength which the game demonstrated immediately – there is never a dull moment, with a continuous chain of bullets, crashes and explosions, across a slew of locales.

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Written by Chazz Harrington

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