Star Wars Battlefront beta contents detailed


The PlayStation Blog recently posted a bunch of details of what we can expect out of the up-coming Star Wars Battlefront beta when it hits the PlayStation 4 on October 8th. Here is a quick rundown of the important stuff:

When is the beta, and how does it run?

The open beta starts on October 8th and will end on October 12th.

Do you need to register?

There is no need to register, as the beta is open at all PlayStation 4 players.

Do you need to be a current PlayStation Plus member to take part in the beta?

No, all PlayStation 4 players will be able to join in on the beta.

How big will the download be?

The download will come in around 7 GB

What game modes will be available to play in the beta?

The beta will include three different modes that will take places on three different planets:

  • Walker Assault on Hoth: 40 player battles take place on this frozen planet.
  • Drop Zone on Sullust: 8 v 8 frantic matches where you and  your team fight to control one of the crashed escape pods.
  • Survival Mission on Tatooine: Play alone or with someone in this co-op or split-screen battle to hold of waves of Imperial forces.

What is the max level you can reach during the beta?

You’ll be able to reach level 5 within the beta. Once you hit level 5 you will no longer be able to level up, but you will continue to unlock new items.

Will your stats and progression carry over to the final game?

No, none of your stats or progression will carry over to the final game.

If you want to read all of the information provided, head over to the PlayStation Blog and read the full article.

Let us know if you’ll be jumping into the beta when it launches on October 8th, or if you’re going to be waiting for the final game in the comments below.

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

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