Xonic to Get DLC Songs and Arc System Works Crossover


PM Studios posted to twitter and facebook this morning confirming several batches of DLC for SUPERBEAT XONiC that had been previously announced for the Korean region would also be making the way overseas to North America and Europe. While the list, included below, is slightly vague in the exact contents of the DLC, it does provide some clues.

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DLC Pack #1: 7’s Re:Birth
-7’s is probably referring to 7 Sequence, one of the artists involved in the DJMAX series. Past works include Cypher Gate in the DJMAX Technika games.

DLC Pack #2: Guilty Gear x XONiC
-Likely a result of the fact that XONiC‘s publisher is Arc System Works in Japan, it would seem that Xonic will be getting at least one crossover song from the Guilty Gear franchise. The Japanese website for XONiC lists Heavy Day as coming to the game in that region. A reply from PM Studios on twitter even indicates that Heavy Day will have its own background animation when played in the game.
-Update: Heavy Day is available in the main game. The DLC tracks will be other Guilty Gear music.

DLC Pack #3: Magical Blaze Collection
-Based on the Japanese site, this probably refers to the songs Blue Desire from BlazBlue and Tuntun Moonlight from Magical Beat, both Arc System Works published games.

DLC Pack #4: Cranky’s Pick
-Probably songs by another DJMAX series veteran. Check out SuperNova for some of Cranky‘s past work.

blue desireHeavy day

Anyone else excited for SUPERBEAT XONiC should also check out this page from the game’s Japanese site, which includes some sort previews of the music on XONiC. Nurijoy, creators of the game, also uploaded the game’s opening theme earlier today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFDbwv6KIHo

Source: facebook, SUPERBEAT XONiC Official Website (JP)

Written by Andy Richardson

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