Paperbound Is Getting A Huge Update

paperbound logo

Dissident Logic announced a update for their title Paperbound. Paperbound combines twitch combat, platforming, and gravity control in a competitive couch multiplayer. This unique title is adding a single player campaign, that will allow one to two players to work through challenges in 18 arenas. Also included in the update is the following:

*New mutators allows you to mix it up with things like weapon pickups, infinite ink bombs, vampire mode, or a variety of other edits to give you a lot of new stories to tell.
*Random rotation mode that cycles game type, mutators, and arena
*Added a secret team game mode that Rocket League fans will enjoy
*Improvements to AI navigation and behavior, including difficulty levels
*Some visual changes to add clarity, such as larger glows for exit points and an option to decrease background color saturation (some players experienced a bit of difficulty tracking the fast-paced action, so this should help them out).
*Gatekeeper is much like your classic tower defense. A bunch of baddies spawn, and you have to prevent them from reaching any of the exit points that randomly spawn in the arena. But they have laser-like focus on getting to those exit point.
*Stalwart is similar, but each enemy has to kill you once before opening their own personal exit point.

While Paperbound is a local multi-player first and foremost, not everyone will have friends available to play, this update will let you enjoy this unique game.


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