Ray’s the Dead At PSX 2015 & Year End Update


Indie developer Ragtag Studio released some new updates regarding their Kickstarter backed title Ray’s the Dead. This highly anticipated game for the PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita has seen some great progress over the past few months and the team wanted to keep everyone in the loop as to how far they’ve come in their development timelines. In addition to this, the game will also be shown at this weekend’s PSX 2015 event in San Francisco. Be sure to stop by the Adult Swim booth to check out the game, meet the team & maybe snag an exclusive poster!

A quick reminder that Shawn, Aenne, and Chris will be at PSX in San Francisco this weekend (Dec 5th and 6th) to demo Ray’s the Dead! We’ll be in the Adult Swim booth. If you’ll be there, please stop by and say hello! If you don’t we’ll be sad. I hear there may be some exclusive posters handed out…

And for a quick excerpt of their progress…

The story of Ray’s the Dead will take place across 5 Chapters. Each chapter consists of anywhere from 4 to 9 levels. At the moment, Ray’s the Dead will have somewhere between 30 – 35 levels. (though this number fluctuates up and down all the time)

For the last couple of months we have been holding tight to a strict schedule that has us getting each chapter of the game, one by one, to a point where we can start putting it in the hands of others for playtesting. This is no small feat as it requires nearly every aspect of the levels to be (pretty much) done.

For the entire update, head on over to their blog to read more about the game and progress to date!

Written by Ben Palmer

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