Final Fantasy VII Remake is Episodic?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Multi-Part Series

PlayStation fans everywhere lost their minds this past E3 when Sony and Square Enix took the stage and announced that the oft requested current gen remake of Final Fantasy VII was finally on the development docket.

Then reality set in. This was Square Enix we were talking about, the company that has still yet to release Final Fantasy XV and that game was announced as a different game and that happened a little over a decade ago. Between that game and Kingdom Hearts 3, when exactly could we hope to get our hands on Final Fantasy VII Remake? A new press release from Square Enix suggests that the publisher may share our concerns and that it’s possible we might be playing at least part of it sooner than we think.

During this past weekend’s PlayStation Experience in San Francisco, SQUARE ENIX® debuted a new trailer for FINAL FANTASY® VII REMAKE, the full remake of the award-winning role-playing game, FINAL FANTASY VII. The new trailer features the first CG scenes as well as gameplay footage. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE will be told across a multi-part series*, with each entry providing its own unique experience.

*emphasis added

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot001Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot002

That sounds a bit like what the publisher has announced for the release of the next Hitman, the advantage being that players get to start experiencing the game before all of the content is even finished being made.

First the surprise of actual gameplay footage in the new trailer, now word that the game is possibly to be released in an episodic fashion? Jot your opinions on this new development down in the comments.

Also, friendly reminder, Final Fantasy VII, the port announced at last year’s PSX, is now on PSN and is 30% off ($10.87, reg. $15.99) till December 13th, in case you’d prefer a more pure version of the game on your PS4.

Written by Albert Chen

Albert Chen

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