Housemarque Puts Us In The Mood With Their “JARVIS PROJECT”


As part of their “Xmas Calendar” effort, Housemarque today released a new “mood image” from their upcoming game tentatively titled the “Jarvis Project”. This new piece of concept art reveals a bit more about the nature of the game without really giving away too much of the mystery. Take a look at the image below and let us know what you think the game may be about.


The full release is below:

What’s this mysterious project we’ve been working on with arcade games pioneer Eugene Jarvis? Admittedly, we haven’t revealed much yet, aside showing a teaser trailer for the awesome documentary we’re shooting about the making of the game.

As part of our Xmas Calendar efforts, we’re happy to showcase an early mood concept we used to explore some of the themes, created by the exceptionally talented Jakub Rozalski (you might have heard of him recently for the record-smashing Kickstarter campaign of the boardgame Scythe).

We have more concepts from him, and all will be revealed in time, but this one is probably our favorite, and certainly the most haunting.

It’s worth noticing that since this mood piece was made, many things have changed with the game, so what you see here is not representative of how the final product will look.

Still, perhaps you’ll be able to guess what’s the game about?

Not too much is currently known about this project except the Housemarque team has partnered with notable game designer and programmer Eugene Jarvis of Defender and Robotron: 2084 fame. Perhaps his history with twin-stick shooters paired up nicely with that of the development team. It is all speculation at this point but you can certainly bet that Housemarque will deliver another quality hit in their already packed portfolio including Dead Nation, Resogun and highly anticipated, upcoming Alienation. Hop on over to their web site and take a look at what they offer and be sure to follow @PSNation for all your PlayStation news.

Written by Ben Palmer

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