FreeStyleGames Challenges You To Go Head-To-Head

Guitar Hero Live

Announced today by FreeStyleGames, Guitar Hero Live is getting some fresh new features to keep you strumming on into the future. Available now as a new channel in GHTV, Rival Challenges allows you to take your Satriani like skills head-to-head against other players in a skills-based matchmaking system.

Check out some screenshots of the new Rival Challenges

The match-ups will be based upon level/rank in GH as well as using some “underlying matchmaking technology”. Unfortunately, the song choice will be completely random, so hopefully you’ve brushed up on the available track selection. Some additional new features have also been added including favoriting a song and a new daily token reward.

The full release can be read below:

The team at FreeStyleGames continues to explore new ways to make GHTV an exciting experience for players. The studio has been listening to feedback from the community, most notably the desire for head-to-head competition to test your skills against other players.

Today, the team is excited to announce Rival Challenges, which is now live in Guitar Hero Live. Rival Challenges is a new feature in the GHTV channels that pits players against similarly skilled matchmade players in a 1-on-1 song battle.

Additional features are also now available in GHTV, including the ability to “favorite” a song, and a new daily token reward for those who have depleted their Plays.

To get even more details on this new feature, head on over to the official blog post for more information.

Written by Ben Palmer

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