Hideo Kojima Starts New Independent Studio and Partners With PlayStation


(We expect the *Official* announcement very soon, but until then, this should be considered a *rumor* obviously)

PS Nation has learned about the next moves Hideo Kojima will be making in his latest gaming endeavors. Hot on the heels of the split with Konami, Kojima will be forming his own independent games studio in Japan.

In addition to this, the new studio will be working directly with Sony’s Worldwide Studios in Japan on a brand new IP and bringing the new studio’s first creation to PlayStation 4 and PC. This new joint venture will be completely funded, published, and owned by Sony upon release.

As with all things controversial, we suspect this announcement was to be the big closer to the recent PlayStation Experience 2015 event in San Francisco. However, due to legal issues, this reveal could not be made during the conference. Here’s hoping this won’t be the only partnership we see between Kojima’s new studio and the PlayStation ecosystem.

Written by Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer

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  • Makai Ookami

    I hear that Guillermo Del Toro is willing to try one more time with Kojima if Sony is the one greenlighting it.

    I thought it was a given that Kojima was going with Sony into gaming. They’ve had a good relationship.

  • Sunny11

    “will be completely funded, published, and owned by Sony upon release.”

    That doesn’t make sense if it’s completely funded, published and owned by Sony why on earth after all that they still release on PC lol

    • Sony has published PC titles in the past, this wouldn’t be a first

      • Sunny11

        Yeah but not (fully) funded ones that is enough to keep full exclusivity. Street Fighter V is not fully funded by Sony just like many others that go to PC.

        The only exception would be Helldivers while not too sure if that was fully funded or not but is also published and owned by Sony, and it was Sony’s small mobile division who put it on PC not main guys

        • Kvally

          No matter this was debunked anyway.

          • I’ve seen these “debunks” and yeah, this is real.

    • Kvally

      They have done it in the past, they are doing it now, so why not later. But this has already been debunked. The translation got messed up.

      • Sunny11

        Yeah I know but read my other reply ^

      • silvas

        Check PSNation’s tweets. Regardless of any translation, the information in this article has been verified true by other sources.

        • Kvally

          Actually it has been debunked by other sources, including the original source. His first game will be FIRST on Playstation, followed by Xbox.

          • silvas

            Your favorite debunked theory has been officially debunked.

          • cnpalmer

            Incorrect good sir. We were right on the money with the PS4 exclusivity.COnfirmed today by Kojima-san himself.

          • Kvally

            Actually, no I was correct based on the information that was released at the time. It has been since clarified. Nice try though. I can’t wait to find out about the game though. Probably a day one purchase for me.

          • cnpalmer

            I would forego those “sources” from now on because they were obviously incorrect & false. See the problem with rumors is that if they’re not true and you spread them, the credibility for any other breaking news goes out the window and the trust is lost with the readers. My point wasn’t to prove you wrong but to restate that our story was exactly correct, we HAD to have the rumor clause in there because without an “official” source it was just our word against everyone else’s. I have a feeling more details will be coming sooner than we all think about the game as well.

    • There’s money in the PC market, Sony likes money. PC is not a direct competitor to consoles, PC gamers won’t change their PC for a console.

      PC is the biggest market in countries like S. Korea, Germany, China, other countries in Europe.

      • Sunny11

        So do Sony earn money off each copy sold on PC? Since if apparently this game is also owned and published by Sony and fully funded not partially on top of that

        • ComradeHX

          Why do you think publishers exist?

          To just give out money to developers for free?

    • ComradeHX

      Because PC is a big market(although with much more/better competition) unlike xbone.

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  • sintheticreality2

    Kojima working on a PC title? Yissssssss

  • cnpalmer

    I think the most important news here is that he will have his own independent studio. The partnership with Sony on the 1st IP is overshadowing this I think.

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  • cnpalmer

    I posted the “official” official announcement this morning. We don’t deal in rumors or speculation much around here especially for stories like this 😉 http://www.psnation.com/2015/12/16/sony-computer-entertainment-officially-joins-forces-with-kojima-productions/