PlayStation Plus January 2016 Update


Another year, another month of PlayStation Plus games, so what can we expect with the January update. Check out the list below and let us know what you think in the comments at the bottom of the page:

Hardware Rivals
Grim Fandango – Cross-Buy PSV – “Double Fine released a fantastic game fifteen years ago and it is still fantastic. Basically you need to play this game.” (PSV Review) – Kyle

Dragon Age: Origins – “I personally can’t wait” – Mark S.
Medal of Honor Warfighter – “It grabbed me as soon as I turned it on” – Edward P.

PS Vita
Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign – PSP game

Information taken from the EU and US PlayStation Blogs.

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

You can find me on everything: PSN, Twitter, Wii U, Origin, Steam, etc using my universal ID: ChazzH69

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  • Makai Ookami

    So tired of all the whiny people on the PS Blog. This isn’t a bad lineup, to get all these games for $4 and some change. Not a fan of getting PSP games on the Vita, but for crying out loud we still get day 1 launch games on PS Plus and you might actually like a game you didn’t pay for if people would give it a try.

    • ChazzH69

      Sadly the people who moan are generally more vocal than the people who are happy about the selection each month.

      Just like the pricing in sales and promotions it is the publishers and not Sony who decides what could go into PlayStation Plus. Sony only negotiates and selects the best offers they can each month.

      Some games in the line-up each month could be a part of a future negotiation between the publisher and Sony; boost the profits for this mediocre title by giving it in Plus and we’ll let you have this popular title later on, for example.

      • Makai Ookami

        People used to look at a 7.5 score and go “Oh that’s a game worth trying out” and possibly go buy it for $40-50.

        Now unless the game costs 80 million plus to develop, and has an 8.0 metacritic people won’t even put it on their hard drive to try out.

        For the price of 1 brand new PS3 game you get

        1 season of Powers every year

        10GB for PS4 save files to be uploaded 1GB for PS3, 1GB for Vita and the upload happens automatically.

        10-50% discounts on various titles.

        4+ games that could not be bought on the PS4 until after they came out free for plus, so no chance you owned any of those already. 68 various other titles, many of which are cross-buy on 2-3 consoles allowing you a chance to play around 36 titles per year even if you only own 1 of the 3 consoles.

        All for the price of 1 triple A game brand new. Sure not all of the games are the best, but the piece of mind from knowing your save files are uploaded alone would be sufficient if people were better at risk analysis.

        If these prices were any lower they would be Humble Bundles.