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Set to launch on the PlayStation 4 on February 2, is Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space by Swedish developer Cosmic Picnic.

ADIOS for short, this delightful title looks to combine both physics based space exploration along with platforming action. With many things to find such as ships, astronauts & planets, this looks to be a nice intersection between action gaming and discovery/exploration in a procedurally generated universe.

Check out the colorful release trailer here.

For the full press release read below.

Stockholm, January 13, 2016
Swedish independent studio Cosmic Picnic, staffed with senior DICE and Ghost Games employees, proudly presents the release of ‘Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space’ (ADIOS) for Playstation 4.

The game will be available through Playstation Store on February 2 in North America and February 3 in Europe.

ADIOS is an odyssey through the galaxy where physics-based space-flight and platforming action blend seamlessly together. Explore a colorful universe filled with amazing discoveries, alien races, and fashionable hats.

“We wanted to find the sweet spot between a NASA space mission and a 2D platformer.
We found it, and it’s ADIOS!” – Niclas Forsell, Creative Lead at Cosmic Picnic

– Gameplay built around exploration and physics
– Seamless transitions between planetary action and space-flight. Exit the ship at any time and any place.
– Comprehensive simulation of procedurally generated solar-systems
– Discover new ships, astronauts, gadgets, powerups and strange artifacts
– No weapons or killing (horrible accidents may occur)

Head on over to the official game page for more information about ADIOS!

Written by Ben Palmer

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