Rock On With The Characters From Super Dungeon Bros


Hitting the internet today is a new bro-tastic trailer from Wired Productions about their upcoming release Super Dungeon Bros slated to launch on PlayStation 4 this year.

The rock-themed, multiplayer co-op brawler from React Games features 4 playable “bros” each with their own unique character profile. Between the action RPG style gameplay, most excellent background music as well as the characters themselves, this cross-platform compatible game is sure to excite the rock gods above. Now with this new trailer, you can officially meet the Bros and see more gameplay action and mechanics.



Check out the new trailer below.

For the full press release read below.

Watford, United Kingdom—January 20, 2016—Wired Productions, an established independent digital games publisher, today released a brand new trailer for its upcoming rock-themed, co-op dungeon brawler, Super Dungeon Bros, developed by independent studio React Games. Entitled “Meet the Bros,” the trailer officially introduces the game’s lovable, heavy metal-inspired heroes: Freddie, Lars, Axl, and Ozzie.

In the multiplayer-centric Super Dungeon Bros, this band of mighty bros embark on a quest from the gods of rock to navigate the medieval fantasy realm of Rökheim, seek out epic loot, and uncover the legends of long-lost Rock Stars. Featuring compelling, action RPG style gameplay and cross-platform compatibility, players can play on or offline with up to four friends as they slice, smash, and blast their way through procedurally-generated dungeons across three challenging worlds.

See below for an overview of the four playable bros that make up the Super Dungeon Bros gang, and check out the all-new “Meet the Bros” trailer for a peek at this fearsome foursome, available at

Freddie: You know that guy in a group of friends that does the stupidest and most insane things because they believe it could be funny, even if no one else will? Freddie is that guy. Branded in red so he doesn’t get lost, this slightly-slow but incredibly lovable bro simply does not understand the concept of fear (or much else).

Lars: Lars believes himself to be quite the ladies’ man, yet he becomes incoherent once he starts talking to the opposite sex. Still, at least he can fall back on his completely unrealistic goal of charming the Queen of Chillheim. Ultimately, this super-serious bro is all about getting the gold to match his armor and making all of his dreams come true.

Axl: Axl is the muscle of the group, and he isn’t afraid to remind everyone of that fact. A ‘fight first, ask questions never’ type of guy, Axl will get the job done—just as long as huge piles of skeletons and A LOT of property damage isn’t an issue, because the bro in blue loves to smash bad dudes!

Ozzie: Ozzie is a genius. However, his ingenuity is more often used to cause mischief and mayhem on an unbelievable scale than it is to make Rökheim a better place. There’s a fine line between genius and insanity; we’re just not sure what side of the line Ozzie sits on. At least this green-clad bro always knows how to get fellow bros out of a pinch.

Slated to launch this year on Xbox One, PS4, Steam (for PC/Mac), and Windows 10, Super Dungeon Bros promises a top-notch co-op experience complete with amazing visuals, fantastically fun gameplay, and cross-device multiplayer compatibility between the PS4 and Steam versions as well as between the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions.

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Written by Ben Palmer

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