The Champ Comes To The Octagon In UFC 2


EA Sports looks to score a knockout with the latest addition to UFC 2. Now coming to the ring, perhaps the greatest knockout artist of all-time, Mike Tyson looks to put his skills to the test in a ring with twice as many sides as he’s used to.

By pre-ordering EA Sports UFC 2 Deluxe Edition for the PlayStation 4, you can instantly unlock the legendary Iron Mike Tyson fighter as well as his older, more mature version, Legacy Mike Tyson. And yes folks, he comes complete with his face decoration/tattoo. Here’s hoping the opponents he faces don’t get any broken backs, you know spinal.

Checkout the trailer below.

Want to read more about fighting like Mike, head on over to the official page to get more details.

Written by Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer

An avid video game enthusiast who loves collector’s editions, retro gaming & the history of this great hobby.

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