Last Week on #DailyPoll – 1/22/16


Welcome to Last Week on #DailyPoll. Every weekday, PS Nation posts a question to our twitter (@PSNation) and at the end, I pull all the polls into one easy-to-read post! Let’s see what the voters thought last week.

We start off with a simple one: how often do you finish your games? Backlog syndrome is a common occurrence among game fans but some gamers are better than others about finishing up the ones they start.

A strong showing for the middle answers, “often” and “occasionally.” Looks like most of our twitter followers try to finish most of the games they start but don’t quite get to all of them. But as Noe Arceo points out, sometimes a game just doesn’t speak to you.

In keeping with the theme of finishing games, Tuesday’s poll asked when those polled usually considered themselves finished with a game. Between the end of the story, the platinum, getting 100% and other conditions, there are many different ways one could call a game finished.

Over half the answers went to just finishing the story. Given the frequency with which the pollers finish games, and the fact that finishing the story is often the easiest and first of these completion modes, it’s not too surprising that most people aim for that. Some people do like to aim for the 100% on every game they play though, such as frequent commenter Imphobia:

One last poll related to finishing games, in this case specifically platinum trophies. How many do all of our twitter followers have? Let’s find out!

I was really unsure how to weight the categories for this question and it looks like I really should have weighted it towards the lower end. Having spend a fair amount of time lurking around on sites like psnprofiles, which are full of trophy hunters, I guess I got inundated with all the gamers who love to get platinums. Those are clearly still the vast minority, as over 65% of the people who responded here have fewer than 10 platinum trophies. I wonder how many of those players only have platinums in games like Telltale ones, where just finishing the story awards a platinum.

Anyway, platinum trophies often take a long time to achieve. Ask Pat Staedler who took over 4 years to get the plat in Just Cause 2. And he thinks no one cares. Well, I care Pat. Congratulations on your new platinum!

Getting back to the topical polls (not tropical, sorry east coasters caught in the blizzard), Thursday we asked about The Witness. It was announced during the week that the game would be priced at $40 and it seemed like there was instantly a vocal group decrying an indie game costing that much.

Looks like the vocal group complaining about the price is not completely the majority. Over half those responding said they’d wait for a review (and yes! We’ll have one here on PS Nation! So stay tuned!!!) and only a quarter fell into the “too high” camp. Hopefully reviews will clear up whether the game is worth $40. Until then, some people like NeoSabin just say, “whatever.” With little emoji dudes.

And finally, Friday. This February marks PS Nation’s 9th birthday and thus the start of the 10th year! We’re glad it has managed to stick around this long and so we asked how long people have been listening to the podcast.

Wow, not only did two of the answers tie completely, but there’s only a couple percent spread between them all. I fully expected the most recent to be the highest with it dropping off over time but apparently once people start listening, they continue to do so! So thanks to everyone who has been listening for all these years, we couldn’t keep the site running without you! Even if you listen every week or jump on and off like Micheal O’Hara, the fact that people stick around makes it that much easier for all of us to keep putting out content.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to follow our Twitter account and vote in the polls! Reply to the polls as well and your reply might get featured here.

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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