Sky Fortress DLC Coming To Just Cause 3


Square Enix has announced that the first DLC for Just Cause 3 (review) will be released March 8 for owners of the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass, with availability for non-owners the following Tuesday, March 15th. Entitled Sky Fortress, the DLC offers new missions, a new threat called the eDEN Corporation, and for Rico a new upgradable “Bavarium Wingsuit”. The wingsuit will have such features as shoulder mounted machine guns and auto-targeting missiles. Also, Rico will be given “Eviction”, a personal defense drone, and a “Bavarium Splitter” assault rifle. You may use all the new items in the main game as well as in the DLC.

Also, Square Enix will be bringing out a patch to prepare for Sky Fortress. Hitting on March 4th, the patch will be taking care of one of the games biggest criticisms-the load times. Promising to reduce loading times by anywhere 20-50%, fans of Just Cause 3 should be pleased by this. The patch will also address some memory leaks that resulted in crashes, other random crashes, streaming improvements and other performance optimizations.

Individual pricing for Sky Fortress is $11.99 / €11.99 / £9.49, or $24.99 / €24.99 / £19.99 if you’re interested in the full Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass. Square Enix is telling us that all DLC will be available by the end of Summer 2016, and pass holders will receive every expansion one week early.

Below, please enjoy the trailer for Sky Fortress.

Written by John Payant

John Payant

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