Last Week on #DailyPoll – 3/18/16


Last Week on Daily Poll is the column were I compile the weekly polls posted to the PS Nation twitter account (@PSNation). So sit back, relax, and check out what the voters had to say.

This week’s theme was all about the less scrupulous ways to play video games. So Monday asked if people use the cheat codes that are built into some games. I feel like there aren’t many games that have cheat codes these days, but they were pretty prevalent back in the day.

Only about a third of the responses seem opposed to using cheat codes, so for the rest it’s just a matter of how much. Some of the responses clarified a bit, like Imphobia who uses cheats after finishing the game (probably just to see how they work).

Even less prevalent now than previously are cheating devices. Things like Game Shark, Game Genie, or Action Replay which could tap into the game and give the player things they otherwise couldn’t get, such as infinite lives or quick access to later levels.

Much more against for this one than cheat codes. Although I wonder how much is an opposition to the idea or just the fact that these things cost money and not everyone wanted to drop cash on them. Still, the slight majority liked using them at least sometimes. People like Nikko Kusanagi.

The announcement of the PSVR’s price and date late on Tuesday meant a quick break from the Daily Poll theme to ask about that. The accessory will cost $399 for the base unit and launch in October.

We’ve seen in the past that we have a lot of early adopters who vote in our polls, and this one shows that again. A third are ready to jump into VR on day one and 82% are interested in PSVR in some capacity. Amusingly though, a lot of the twitter responses came from the people who were not interested or who still have reservations about Sony’s ability to support the device.

Back to the theme of the week, this time asking about if people use glitches in their games for gain. I gave a few examples like duplicating items in Bloodborne or pulling out the network plug while fighting Crota in Destiny to make him easier to kill.

Even stronger “no” than with the cheat devices. Again, this could be the result of people being opposed to the idea or just being unfamiliar with the glitches. Although these days, any major glitch people are exploiting seems to end up getting an article on some website somewhere, so it’s usually not too hard to find. Johnny Colon had a different take away from the poll though: that people are lying. (You’d never do that, right Mr/Ms Reader?)

Friday asked about “cheese methods.” These are things that are maybe not quite glitches but things that the game’s developer probably didn’t think of when making the game. My examples where the loot cave in Destiny or how it is possible to exploit the AI in Pokemon R/B when fighting Lance of the Elite Four.

Back to numbers like with the cheat codes, so it would seem people are more okay with this. I think it’s pretty interesting, the difference in reaction between something being a glitch and something being just a way to game the game systems. Still, some people, like Pop, still find this to ruin the game for them.

That’s all we got last week. Be sure to check the twitter account every weekday for more Daily Polls.

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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