Last Week on #DailyPoll – 4/1/16


This is Last Week on Daily Poll. Each weekday, I post a poll on our Twitter account, @PSNation, related to games, gaming, or the gamer lifestyle and see how you all respond. Last week was all about PlayStation Plus, let’s see what people had to say.

Starting off with the number one complaint I hear about PS+, and that is how it is dominated by indie games these days. Back before the PS4 came out, most PS+ games were older games that had been out for a year or two however the offerings sometimes included larger AAA games. Now, PS+ is more likely to include brand-new, just releasing games but they are almost all indies.

Seems like there are a lot of people who share the complaint that PS+ should include more big AAA games. There certainly is something nice about getting a recognizable game for “free” as compared to something that’s a lot less well known. Still, the possibility of already having purchased the game PS+ will be offering did get some people to vote for the indies.

With all the complaints I see about PS+’s game offerings, I was curious if people were just complaining to complain or if people no longer thought PS+ was worth it. So I asked.

Surprisingly, given the amount of complaining I see, a lot of people still feel PS+ is worth the money. Unsurprising though, if you look at it from the standpoint of Expected Value: each month they give out 10 games usually worth $10-20 and charge $50 a year. I’ve joked before, but you could play only one PS+ game every other month and still make up your $50. Last year, PS+ gave out over $1000 in games which certainly does make it seem like the service has value.
The reality is that there is probably a lot of “this is good but it could be better” complaining. People like Scott Meekings below who like the value but think it’s not on par with before.

The PS+ games for April were announced on Wednesday and since we were already discussing PS+ games (gee, you’d think I planned that) I of course asked what people thought of the lineup.

Almost two thirds seemingly not as enthused about the games. I saw a little bit of hype in some places for Dead Star and Zombi is a retail game by a big publisher which gets it closer to the AAA thing people want. PS3 and Vita are getting some older stuff though. For comparison sake, I pulled up last month’s reaction to see how they compared. Actually pretty similar response.

Given that the perceived quality of the games offered on PS+ is one of the major complaints I’ve seen with the service, I was wondering what people might say to getting fewer games in return for getting “better” ones. Better is certainly nebulous but let’s see what our followers thought about dropping one or both PS3 games.

Pretty resounding “yes” to drop at least one of the PS3 games from the service, if not both. Granted, we’ve seen in the past that our twitter followers skew heavily towards the early adopters so many of them probably have a PS4 and don’t play their PS3 often. In reality, there are still millions of PS3 owners who haven’t yet upgraded to a PS4 so it’s understandable why Sony may not want to drop them quite yet.

The other option that seemed likely-er was that Sony could drop the Vita games or game from the service. While the system is newer, it’s also got a lot lower adoption than the PS3 or PS4.

And a resounding “no” on this one. Again, we’re likely getting a big skew towards the subset of people who do own a Vita but its certainly interesting to see how this poll compares to the PS3 one. As Micheal points out though, it may be possible for Sony to drop one of the ‘slots’ for Vita (or PS3) but still give out some games for the system thanks to the occasional Cross-Buy title.

That’s about it for last week’s polls. Be sure to drop in to our Twitter this week and vote!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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