Last Week on #DailyPoll – 4/8/16


Every weekday, I post a poll to the PS Nation twitter account, @PSNation for anyone to vote in which is then compiled into this post. Last week the theme was gaming conventions, thanks to Midwest Gaming Classic.

The first order of business was finding out how many people had been to one before. I also figured that some people may have not been to a convention specifically for games so I also asked who had been to other nerd related conventions.

Only a quarter of the responses said they had been to something gaming specific, a little lower than I expected. Adding in other nerd cons, comic stuff or anime I would imagine, bumped the number up to almost half. Still seems pretty low to me. I guess traveling can be a concern, for example with Imphobia.

Monday’s results got me curious as to if people didn’t go to conventions for lack of want or if it was more related to other factors like travel or funds. So I figured I’d ask how many people want to go to one at some point.

Might be one of the most lopsided polls since I started doing the Daily Poll. Overwhelmingly those poled are interested so some of the people on Monday simply hadn’t been able to make it to one yet. Not that everyone does want to go to one, like John Payant.

Well, there seemed to be interest in conventions. That got me curious about how far people would be willing to travel to get to one.

Related to the gap between people wanting to go and people who have been, looks like most people don’t want to travel more than a day’s driving distance. Understandable, flying is expensive and can be a big hassle as well. Although Nikko came up with a way that’s even more expensive than flying.

One of the great things, in my mind, about going to conventions is that there is a lot to do. Some of the major things include dealer’s hall, gaming room, and panels but a lot of cons also have stuff like celebrity signings, concerts, contests and more.

Lots of love for the gaming room. Anyone at MGC shoulda been happy then. The gaming room was huge with a ton of pinball and arcade machines. Plus there were tons of consoles running in and around the gaming museum. Even just getting from one side of the hotel to the other meant passing a bunch of playable game setups.

This question is only tangentially related to conventions but cosplay is also pretty popular at conventions. Let’s see who has dressed up as a video game character before.

Not a lot have, apparently. Not surprising though, is that there are a few more people who have done so for Halloween than for a convention. Traveling with a costume just adds that much more headache to the process. I guess I missed an answer for Chazz’s children though.

That’s all for this week, folks. Check the twitters every day to vote!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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