New Star Ocean Details in Star Log #2

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Last night, Square Enix revealed new footage of the upcoming game Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness via live Twitch stream, focusing on the game’s battle systems which gives the player direct control over one of six different playable (out of the seven in the player’s party) characters once the game shifts seamlessly from third person roaming exploration to real-time combat.

Each character has a small and large attack, assigned to “X” and “O,” which along with “Guard” make up the rock-paper-scissors of the the game’s combat system. These attacks level up through use, and as players progress through I&F’s story they’ll acquire new ones to master.

Left and right on the d-pad allow for switching among the characters to take direct control of. Meanwhile, the AI controlled characters can be assigned up to four “Battle Roles,” which effect things like attack effectiveness against certain types of enemies or damage resistance to certain types of attacks. These “Battle Roles” also level up, increasing their impact in battle.

Star Ocean: I&F’s also features a combat proficiency rewards system embodied in the “Reserve Gauge.” Doing well in battle by using “Guard,” small and large attacks effectively fills the “Reserve Gauge,” which gives players bonuses unspecified in the stream. In addition, the “Reserve Gauge” can be expended in a “Reserve Rush” special attack that does more damage depending on the fullness of the “Reserve Gauge” at time of activation.

Delving into the lore a bit, the stream gave gamers a look at one of the game’s cities, the Kingdom of Langdauq which was built upon Signeturgy, I&F’s world’s magic. They also talked a little bit about the connection between Victor and the lead character, Fidel’s, father, and briefly touched upon Fiore and what she’s about as a Signeturgy scholar.

Finally, a few tidbits from the QA section: I&F has a set cast of characters so players won’t be able to recruit and build their own custom parties, but the game does feature multiple endings in the Star Ocean fashion.


An archive of the stream can be watched above, but in case you don’t have the time, here are a few of the highlights:

  • An overview trailer of the battle system, featuring the seven character party, presented by producer Shuichi Kobayashi plays at around the 9:30 minute mark.
  • Around the 21:00 minute mark, they begin showing live gameplay, showcasing the battle skills menu, battle roles menu, and combat using several of the game’s playable characters.
  • At 33:00 minutes, there’s a character spotlight trailer for Victor, one of the party’s melee characters and at 38:44 there’s a character spotlight trailer for Fiore, one of the party’s ranged casters.
  • 41:50 starts the Signeturgy talk, defining the term and leading into some footage of the Kingdom of Langdauq.

This year is apparently the 20th anniversary of the Star Ocean franchise. Congrats to all involved. Who’d have thought, right?

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is developed by tri-Ace with character designs by Akiman and will be out June 28th for PS4 and for more details on the various versions of the game available at release, direct your attention here.

Written by Albert Chen

Albert Chen

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