Last Week on #DailyPoll – 4/15/16


Hello and welcome to Lombax Appreciation Week. I mean, Last Week on Daily Poll. This is the post where we appreciate fuzzy little— no, this is the post were I compile the results of last week’s Daily Polls into one lil’ Zurkon sized post. In appreciation of the new Ratchet and Clank coming out, the polls last week were slightly related to Ratchet and Clank.

Easy one to start off with, how many of the Ratchet and Clank games have you played? By my count there are eleven Ratchet and Clank games, plus Secret Agent Clank, not including the ports on PS3/Vita. That’s a lot of games to play, so how many have people played?

Interestingly, over a quarter of the responses haven’t played any of the games. That’s unfortunate, as they are pretty good games. Also interesting, more people have played only one of the games than all of the games. Still, seems like the series has at least enough draw that most people have played “a few.”

Between Ratchet and Clank, Dark Souls 3, and the updates to both Destiny and The Division, last Tuesday was a pretty big release day. I was curious which games people were going to jump into first, if any. (Unfortunately I didn’t realize that Europe actually wasn’t getting Ratchet quite yet… sorry about that)

I’m a little surprised that Ratchet and Clank surpassed both Dark Souls and Destiny. Even without the Europeans, the Lombax takes down the guardians and everything. I have a feeling this result has to do with bias in our community though, as we’ve seen with some previous polls. Plenty of folks still playing older games too; I saw mention of games like Rocket League or Fallout 4 in the replies.

Oh you…

Had to ask this, even if it can be hard to choose. Separate our dynamic duo and ask, which one: Ratchet or Clank? I purposely left this vague so people could apply whatever criteria they want to it.

Ratchet takes the poll pretty easily. Poor Clank just couldn’t match the face of the pair. I’m sure plenty of voters like both, but it seems like Ratchet just happens to be the more liked of the two.

Here’s where we get to the questions only tangentially related to Ratchet. Sony owns plenty of well liked IP so I asked which other PS2 era Sony IP would you like to get the treatment Ratchet got, such as theatrical film and a remake/reboot of the first game in the series.

I often check in on the poll to see what is winning and this was a pretty even poll for most of the day. At the end, God of War manages to eek it out. Still, most of the results were pretty close to a quarter of the votes. Only Killzone didn’t manage it, maybe because it is the only one that has had a new game on the PS4 and is thus slightly more recent? I dunno. I could see God of War making a pretty good movie. In fact, I’ve seen several trailers for films that seemed like they were basically a God of War movie. Now just make sure the GoW movie is better than those ones please….

PS1 had some beloved franchises too, so I figured I’d ask about those as well. I knew I wanted to include Crash and Spyro, as they are some of the favorites among PlayStation fans but I was at a bit of a loss on the other two. Medieval was one I considered but I ended up going with Ape Escape and Warhawk, the latter because Glenn never shuts up about that game. 😉

And the Bandicoot takes this one easily. I guess maybe Ape Escape and Warhawk weren’t the best choices, as those both came in last and second to last. Decent response for Spyro, even if we know it’ll never happen now that he’s part of the Skylanders universe. I think. Maybe. I never see toys of him anymore and his name’s not on the game?

Anyway, that’s it for this week. John is going to take over for me this week as I will be away so be sure to give him all the votes!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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