Ark: Survival Of The Fittest Coming To The PlayStation 4


Studio Wildcard announced today that Ark: Survival of the Fittest is coming to the PlayStation 4. Ark: SotF is the eSports spin off to the Dinosaur themed Ark: Survival Evolved. Ark SotF is a massive multiplayer online arena, that brings up to 72 players together in a closed arena. .Ark: Survival of the Fittest is exclusive to the PlayStation 4, and will launch July 19th.


Offline practice mode, with optional split screen support

Action-packed core survival gameplay

30-plus creatures to tame and ride at beta launch, many more planned at full launch

Multiple game modes (Free For All, 2-Player Tribes, 4-Player Tribes, 6-Player Tribes)

Variable game configurations ranging from 30-minute “instant action” to three-hour long “epic wars”

Top-ranked players are listed dynamically on, as well as provided monthly prize packages!

Game-changing tameable super creatures (Dragon, Giant Ape, Brood Mother)

Random “Evolution Events”

Arsenal of weapons, traps, armor, structures and other items from primitive to modern tech tiers

Robust Ranking, Tournament & Spectator Features

Custom-Painted “War Banners” enable Tribes to show off their team spirit on flags across their army of dinosaurs, and are broadcast on the gigantic billboards during game events. Just don’t draw anything offensive!

A custom soundtrack written by award-winning composer Gareth Coker of Ori and the Blind Forest!

Survivors can form one- to six-person tribes with the option to choose Unofficial (PC-hosted) and Official (Ranked) servers, and a variety of game-lengths and sizes in which to play. Players will start in the base forest environment introduced in the original ARK: Survival Evolved, with new environments and creatures introduced regularly as the game evolves. Dedicated eSport ranking, matchmaking, and tournament features make ARK: SotF readily accessible to all players. Each month 10 ranked players in each “Survivor League” will be awarded a cash prize corresponding to their ranked placement. Rankings for these elite titles will be visible in real time on

“PlayStation® gamers will now get the raw emotional sense of competitive satisfaction that PC gamers have been experiencing, as they wage war to survive and thrive,” said Jesse Rapczak, co-founder, co-creative director, Studio Wildcard. “The simple addition of the practice mode means a lot, as PS4™ gamers can hone their skills before jumping into the competitive wilds to form tribes, tame T-Rexes, and use everything in the ARK sandbox to fight it out. We don’t call it Survival of the Fittest for nothing!”

Written by Shawn Hiers

Shawn Hiers

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