Side Quest Podcast – Episode 002 – The Beginner’s Guide to Dungeon Crawling


Quest with Jason and Andy as we talk RPGs and anime on the PS Nation Side Quest Podcast. In Quest 2 we talk about Final Fantasy and Persona 5 news, your feedback including beginning anime, what we’ve been playing and watching, plus reviews and more.

00:07:00 – Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2
00:11:09 – Persona 5
00:18:00 – MGC

00:30:42 – Beginning Anime
00:32:29 – The Wind Rises, Spirited Away, Porco Rosso, Kiki’s Delivery Service
00:33:36 – Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa
00:35:34 – One Piece
00:36:51 – Summer Wars, The Boy and the Beast, Full Metal Alchemist, Last Exile, Broken Blade

What We’re Playing
00:43:05 – Nights of Azure
00:47:50 – Trillion: God of Destruction
00:54:44 – Nioh beta
00:56:18 – Dark Souls
00:59:42 – Grand Kingdom beta
01:08:29 – MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptunia vs. Zombies

Break – music from Stranger of Sword City

What we’ve been watching
01:14:30 – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
01:22:50 – Macross Delta
01:27:30 – No Rin
01:30:00 – Patema Inverted
01:33:00 – Erased, Dimension W, Yu Yu Hakusho
01:35:00 – Evangelion 3.33

01:38:00 – Stranger of Sword City
01:56:00 – Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
02:16:00 – Ray Gigant

Anime of the Month
02:32:00 – Ghost Hound

As always, feedback is welcome. Feel free to leave a comment on this post, in the forum, or email us at [email protected].

Special thanks to for the royalty-free intro music.

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Written by Jason Honaker

Jason Honaker

A software developer for over 15 years, originally from St. Louis, MO and currently living in Seattle, WA. Started gaming in 1979 on the Atari 800 8-bit PC. I play all sorts of games, but am partial to RPGs and 3rd person brawlers and shooters.

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  • Lord Fyr

    Hey Guys, just have a suggestion that’s been nagging me since the release of the pilot. I really want your podcast to succeed, but I don’t see it lasting long as the “RPG” podcast when you completely neglect WRPGs. I understand that neither of you enjoy western RPGs but it’s a bit deceiving for listeners to call the show the RPG podcast when you only talk about JRPGs and anime. Please consider adding someone to the show who enjoys Western RPGs. You’re doing a disservice to RPG fans by not even mentioning WRPGs. I’m new to playstation this generation so maybe I’m not well informed but aren’t WRPGs more popular in the West than JRPGs? They’re vastly more popular, so if you want to make a Japanese centric podcast you should re-tool and re-name this podcast to better reflect that it’s all about Japanese culture and media rather than the rpg misnomer. Thanks for considering my suggestions.

    • andyscout

      Thanks for listening. At the moment I don’t think we’re planning on bringing on another person.

      As I said on one of the shows, it’s not that we’re specifically avoiding wrpgs, we just don’t play them often. If some major ones come out (which as far as I know it seems like there haven’t been many this year so far) we may talk about them. I do play some wrpgs, they’re just not the bulk of my gaming time.

      It’s not really an issue of popularity, just what Jason and I want our show to be. Again, thanks for listening to the first few episodes and sorry our show isn’t quite what you were hoping for.