New Screens Showcase the World of Valley

The world of Valley looks like it’s got some history, judging from the new images just released by developer Blue Isle Studios.

That should make for a pretty interesting time once this first-person action exploration game releases some time this summer on PS4, PC, and XBOX One.

Announced for consoles last month, Valley has players donning L.E.A.F. suits, exosuits that “grant users incredible speed and agility — and the power to not only kill, but revive the dead,” as they explore a massive world and, as implied by the first gameplay trailer, uncover secrets about the world and the player character’s role in it.

Along the way, players will upgrade the suit with new abilities and strengths, and in an interesting twist the more you die in Valley, the more the valley around you dies as well.

Valley developer Blue Isle Studio is the Canadian studio behind horror game, Slender: The Arrival, which MJC reviewed on the PS4 last year.

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