Practice Mode Arriving in Rock Band 4 June Update

Over half a year since launch, Harmonix Music Systems is keeping true to its word to continue support for Rock Band 4, announcing today the contents of the free June update featuring the addition and return of Practice Mode to Rock Band.

An exact date for the update hasn’t been revealed, but once downloaded and applied, players will be able to access Practice Mode from Rock Band 4’s main menu by selecting “Training” and then “Practice Mode,” according to the Harmonix Blog. From there, select your song from the music library, the section or sections of the song you’d like to practice, set the playback speed – 10% increments down to 70% – and you will be greeted by the good old notes highway on which to sharpen your skills on without the distractions of instrument Overdrives, Freestyle Guitar Solos, or drum fills.

Practice Mode also supports vocals albeit with a slightly different interface that allows one to work on his or her harmonies, if available depending on the song, and removes the option to set the playback speed, since with vocals that would be weird.

The June Update marks the end of what Harmonix is calling “Chapter One” of Rock Band 4. There will be a hiatus on further updates throughout the summer in preparation for the “heavy-hitters”: expansion packs and Music Library enhancements in the Fall and synchronous online multiplayer for the Holidays. More details on all of these are promised at E3.

On the music DLC front, eight new tracks join Rock Band 4 this month, with Blues Traveler’s “Hook” and My Chemical Romance’s “Famous Last Words” releasing tomorrow for $1.99 each. Songs from Goo Goo Dolls, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, MAGIC!, Three Days Grace, and Toto will join them throughout the rest of June.


Lots going on for Rock Band 4 recently. Harmonix and Fender recently extended their partnership into 2027 and on the same day, published the above tease of new hardware coming out this year.

Everything points to more coming at E3 so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out Glenn’s review of Rock Band 4 from back at launch.

Written by Albert Chen

Albert Chen

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