The Monthly Question: June 2016


It’s June, and that means the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Every year we see more and more games released in the first few months of the year. Yet, the summer seems to remain a slower release window for big AAA games from Western publishers.

This a great time to catch up on this year’s new releases or to finally finish some of the large open world RPGs from last year. Still, others prefer to take advantage of the slower release schedule and spend some time outside.

To shine a light on the games we are playing, I asked the PS Nation writers:

What games will you be playing this summer?
Glenn Percival (PSN ID: Torgo)
I’d really like to get through Doom, and I have both MLB The Show 16 and Power Pros 2016 Baseball to spend some quality time with. Also, I’d like to finish Bastion and Transistor, because they’re just too good to not experience from beginning to end.

If I have time, Yakuza 5 is still calling as well…

John Payant (PSN ID: jpayant70)
As in every Spring/Summer season, I will be playing the newest iteration of MLB The Show. In addition, I will attempt to have time to get into the Uncharted series. I’m hoping it finally clicks for me, especially with all the great reviews for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

I also couldn’t resist grabbing Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on PS4 for only $30 to see if I like that one. I have Severed on tap on the Vita, and many other games in the backlog for both systems. Now to find time for all this…

Valkyria Chronicles_20160404201948

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Rey Barrera (PSN ID: sindred)
Having just completed The Witcher 3, I plan on playing through the expansion coming out at the end of May. I probably won’t deviate much from it because I’d like to be finished with it by the time Final Fantasy XV comes out in September.

Keith Dunn-Fernández (PSN ID: son_of_ottie)
I want to play a lot more Fallout 4 so I can get into the DLC. There are a ton of big games I’d like to finally spend some time with like The Witcher 3 and Shadows of Mordor.

Fallout 4_20160527032548
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Shawn Hiers (PSN ID: Smag99)
I am looking forward to two games this summer. First is my love affair with the LEGO games with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I am looking forward to jumping into that universe and seeing what Tt Games has in store for me.

Second is the recently announced Batman: Return to Arkham. The first two Batman games were excellent and I can’t wait to return to them. I’m excited to see the new improvements made to what were some of the best looking games on the PS3. Overall, I think it will be an excellent gaming summer.

Chazz Harrington (PSN ID: ChazzH69)
I sold almost all of my PS3 games months ago as the pile of shame had become too great and impossible to overcome. The amount of PS4 games that I have not played, or only played a few minutes of, is already getting silly.

So with any luck I will play The Order: 1886, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Life is Strange, Batman: Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Far Cry 4, inFAMOUS First Light, Sniper Elite 3, Tales from the Borderlands, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Ratchet & Clank, and loads more.

Michael Cwick (PSN ID: The1stMJC)
I will be playing Pokémon FireRed. I know it is not PlayStation related, but never finishing a Pokémon game is my secret gaming shame. I’ve owned a few of them, but never completed one. When I told my girlfriend this she gave me her Game Boy Advance SP and Pokémon FireRed to right this wrong.

As for PlayStation games, I plan to pick up Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on the PS4 since I never finished it on the PS3. In addition to those I really hope to find time and dig into all the DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir_20160518064417
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Andy Richardson (PSN ID: andyscout)
Slow? Slow?! Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Atelier Sophie, and Odin Sphere all come out the same day. I’m gonna need some way to slow down down time on that day.

Plus Grand Kingdom and Zero Escape 3 are coming that same month. I think my backlog is going to grow in June, not get shorter.

Ben Palmer (PSN ID: CNPalmer)
Ah, as Spring slowly turns into the dog days of Summer, my gaming catalog sees its own evolution. It seems these days I’ve become more of a collector than a gamer. The running joke with the team is that I don’t play games, I buy them and they’re COMPLETELY right. So I’ve decided to remedy this.

As I knock out a few more necessary improvements & chores around the homestead (those have to come first), I’ll tackle what I’ve coined as “Ben’s Backlog”. My goal is to go through the ENTIRE Assassin’s Creed series, finishing up my save on AC1 for PS3, which I think I’m 1/2 way through, then tackle the Uncharted series starting with The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4 before catching up with the rest of the world on Uncharted 4.

Once those are out of the way I’m gonna go with the Ratchet & Clank series and finish up the remasters then dive into the newest release. And if I still have any time left I’ll finish up LEGO Dimensions and then hop over to LEGO Marvel’s Avengers for some mindless brick building fun.

Check out the review of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Damon Bullis (PSN ID: Zia74)
With the release of Uncharted 4 I plan on going back and playing the entire series over again. It is such a great series that you really need to binge play it just once.

Besides those games I plan on trying to play two games from PSP/Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U to cut down on my backlog of shame. I’d put down specific titles but when you have over 700 games in your backlog it doesn’t really matter which titles they are.

Matt Engelbart (PSN ID: WithSwordAndGun)
A few weeks ago, I was looking for something different to play on my Vita. I only played two hours of Danganronpa before I bought the other two games in the series. I have never put much time into a JRPG and I am finally going to correct that.

I plan on playing Persona 4 Golden on the easiest difficulty. That way I can enjoy the story and game systems but not have to worry too much about the mechanics.

If I have any time left, some of the writers have convinced me that I must experience the world and story of The Witcher 3.

Your Turn
These are the games we will be playing this summer. What games will you be playing? Tell us in the The Monthly Question thread in the PS Nation Forums.

Thanks as always to John Payant for editing and Chazz Harrington for setting up the pictures.


Written by Matt Engelbart

Matt Engelbart

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