Harmonix Music VR Looks Interesting

I’m not sure if we’ll be calling this one a game. Even so, Harmonix Music VR looks like a pretty interesting experience.

Like most things in VR, you’ll just have to try it yourself, except in this case, you’ll just have to watch the trailer, showcasing some of the modes and activities available.


I’f you’ve had any experiences in VR thus far, you’ll understand when I say, the reactive 3D drawing part is going to be great to have on PlayStation.

The things to know: Harmonix Music VR comes with “17 music tracks, including songs from the cult classic beatmatch rhythm game Amplitude, A City Sleeps, and hand crafted music from Harmonix’s very own, M-Cue,” but also works with any music track in your PlayStation 4 music library.

Harmonix Music VR is coming out alongside PlayStation VR and will launch exclusively for PlayStation VR this October.

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