Last Week on #DailyPoll – 7/1/16


A special 4th of July edition of Last Week on Daily Poll (for those in the US). Each day a poll is posted to our twitter account, @PSNation, usually pertaining to video games in some fashion. This post compiles last week’s polls.

As with many of our polls, this one came out of some staff discussion. I don’t remember how exactly we got on the topic but we started talking about the pros and cons of using rest mode on the PS4. On one side you can suspend your game and background updates but on the other, it takes up more power constantly. Let’s see how everyone else polled.

Pretty heavily toward the rest mode option. It really is a convenient feature, and I’m sure the numbers are helped by the fact that the PS4 even seems to prefer being put into rest mode. (As in it’s right there on the hold-PS-button-menu where turn off is nestled a layer down). But the ability to perform updates was a big boon, from the poll responses.

Of course, I have to ask the related question now. Do you put your Vita in suspend mode or not? The power draw in suspend mode is a little more masked on PS4 as I’m sure most don’t actively look for how much power draw it is using. But the Vita, it’s obvious that it uses up power in suspend, since it’ll usually die after a week in suspend mode. So I was curious how the answers would stack up.

Pretty much the same as the PS4, just a very slight reduction in “suspend” answers. My one concern with the poll though, is as George states: I wonder how many people even realize the difference on Vita. Anecdotally, I’ve met people who didn’t realize they were simply suspending their Vita or PSP. But then, we do have a pretty tech savvy crowd.

Another month, another PS+ lineup. I often ask this question so you know it’s coming: what do you think of the PS+ games for the coming month?

A fair amount of hype there. General consensus seemed to be that July is pretty good and the poll seems to show it. Comments were excited for the Saints Row game and Furi. For comparison, here’s May’s poll (apparently I missed June).

PS4 can do a lot of things besides playing games. One I was curious about was using it to play bluray or DVD movies. Both just in general but also in comparison to the streaming services that are becoming more popular.

I’m a little surprised actually. It always seems like disc media is on the way out but here 80% said they still watch discs and 60% use their PS4 to do so. I know I still like buying movies on physical media because then I’m not tied to a service that I have to pay for or who could lose the movie rights. Though maybe physical media has its downsides too, eh Mac?

The followup question is of course about streaming services. There are a lot on the PS4 and I feel like there’s almost always at least one person on my friends list who is “playing” Netflix or Hulu at any given time.

The comparison seems to answer the disc vs streaming question. Many more people say they use it often and 90% of all who answered say they stream on some device. I’m sure the two aren’t mutually exclusive, they certainly aren’t in my house.

That’s all for last week. Tune in each day for a new poll and have a happy 4th of July!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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