F1 2016 – Release Date and Details


Codemasters seem to be on a roll with their games, this latest iteration of Formula One is looking very nice indeed. Check out the trailer and details below for F1 2016.

Today Deep Silver and Codemasters announce online multiplayer support for 22 players, Formation Lap, manual starts and more for F1 2016, the ultimate Formula One game, launching on August 19. This is a huge update offering full, 22-car grids, bringing the gamer closer to the sport and offering greater support for online leagues.

The new gameplay trailer has glimpses of the hospitality and pitlane scenes, the Safety Car and more.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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  • Fingers crossed for this. F1 2015 had potential, but like other sports franchises, it’s first iteration on current gen was stripped of features vs PS3 versions. The online was also a buggy unplayable mess for about 3 months post release. Nervous that now 22 player online has been added, but if it works, it can be epic.