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Two weeks ago, Pokemon Go came out. So last week, I asked a few questions about it on Daily Poll, the poll questions posted each weekday to @PSNation. Also some stuff about Evo, the fighting game tournament which also took place last week.

Saying Pokemon Go is big seems like an understatement. For better or worse, it seems to be everywhere and is ushering in a new appreciation for the original games both by old fans and new. Niantic’s licensed game is everywhere so even if we mostly cover PlayStation here, I had to ask a few questions about it.

We may be PlayStation focused, but that doesn’t mean everyone who follows us on Twitter or who votes in the poll dislikes Nintendo. We’ve got a good 30% playing the game at least some and another 8% who are interested. Still, the poll is heavily dominated by those with either a lack of interest, or in some cases like George’s, a lack of means to play the game.

Pokemon Go only uses the old Pokemon, from the original games. It seemed relevant to me to ask how many people had played the original games. Seeing as those games got a remake several years later, I expanded the question to include those remakes as well.

An even 50% of those polled have played one of the first generation games. Even with our sometimes biased pollsters, that seems like a pretty decent amount. I’m not too surprised that the percentage for only having played one of the remakes is low though. We do tend to edge toward the older and more retro-friendly crowds.

(C’mon Riddle. They’re. They are. 😉

Last Pokemon question for the week again focuses on the first generation but this time on the pollster’s knowledge of it. How many of the original 151 Pokemon do they think they can name.

Not too bad. A fair number of you can name a good amount. Still, 49 percent saying they can’t name more than just Pikachu. That seems at odds with the fact that 54% the day before said they had played at least one of the games. Either 3% of you played the games and still can’t name any Pokemon or that’s within our margin of error.

On to the other big event of the last week or so. Evolution Chapmionships were held once again in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year was host to over 5000 players for Street Fighter V alone. With live coverage both on Twitch and on ESPN2, I had to ask who made the time to watch it.

I guess we don’t have too many fighting game fans, based on these numbers. I did find it interesting that roughly the same number of people watched it on ESPN as on Twitch. I can understand why TV networks are becoming interested in video game competitions but I thought it’d be hard to break gamers away from the streaming they’re used to.

Finally, one more Evo related question for Friday’s poll. I think I’ve asked something similar in the past but it seemed like a good time to ask specifically about this case. Should ESPN show more video game competitions?

Pretty overwhelmingly in favor compared to those who just want to see traditional sports. Though I wonder what those people think about ESPN showing poker tournaments. In any case, the big twitch viewership on video game tournaments is starting to make traditional TV take notice. It’ll be interesting to see where it all shakes out in a few years.

That’s all for now. Check back on Twitter every weekday for a new poll!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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