Streaming Update – 8/10/16


Hello everyone, welcome to the first round-up of our recent YouTube streams. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss any videos including interviews, previews, and more from PS Nation.


First up we have Keith Randomly Plays… DOOM. Followed by Dave and his stream titled Destiny Playing strikes having fun in which he plays some Destiny: The Taken King.

Then we have a Fernandez’z Fruztration Friday stream with Keith and Gabe playing BATMAN: Arkham Knight. Followed by TGISunday with Keith, Gabe, and Andy playing Destiny: The Taken King.

Andy plays some Rock Band 4* and then we have another TGISunday on Monday [Keith messing with our fragile minds] with Keith and Gabe playing some more Destiny: The Taken King.
*Includes copyrighted content which may not be viewable in some locations.

Glenn plays some No Man’s Sky, and make sure you check out his excellent impressions on the game that everyone is talking about.

To finish off the streams I play some Bears Can’t Drift and Mutant Mudds Super Challenge.

That’s all folks, but remember you can look back on all of our streams, interviews and more on our YouTube channel.

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Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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