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Last week on dailypoll, the poll posted to our twitter account @PSNation each day, was all about No Man’s Sky. Between a ton of hype and several delays, the gaming world seemed ready to finally jump in a spaceship and explore the galaxy.

An easy one here, just asking who was planning to get No Man’s Sky. There was a lot of hype for the game, but also several years of waiting to reduce some of that hype. I was curious just how many people planned to pick it up.

Looks like a lot of you were planning to/did pick up the game. I’m hearing now that No Man’s Sky had the second largest opening week for PS4 games in the UK, behind Uncharted. Overall, it seems like an impressive amount of sales for a new IP from such a small developer.

I saw a lot of people sharing a lot of different ideas for naming planets in the game. Three of the more common ones were joke names, people or things, or sci-fi references. And shrugging man returns as the wildcard answer.

People like shrugging man! Nah, I’m sure there are just too many different schemes out there that I didn’t hit. Of the three I named, it looks like sci-fi references takes the poll. That’s one I’ve been using a lot. But Marc has a pretty good idea too:

There seem to be a few different ways to play the game. For example, some people are enjoying really exploring each planet they land on while others are adopting a “get on, get what they need, get off” approach. Here are four general things some people might be focusing on.

Not too surprising that exploring wins out. That seems to be one of the deepest parts of the game and one of the big draws. It’s a little amusing though, that the last place answer is the ‘goal’ of the game. Supposedly there is an ending to the game if one gets to the center but sounds like that’s not at the top of most player’s lists.

By Thursday, I was starting to see some push back on the game. It seems inevitable; any time anything gets large, some people feel the need to point out how it sucks. In this case though, some of the push back was from people who were excited for the game but who felt it hadn’t lived up to their expectations. Some folks even felt like the developers had lied to them about the content of the game.

Not every game will appeal to everyone but having someone be excited for a game but then have it not live up is probably the worst. So fortunately, the group that was hyped but felt like it hasn’t lived up is the smallest group in our poll. Also, sorry steev.

While many have been enjoying No Man’s Sky some of those people agree that there is more that could be added to the game. The developers have already announced a patch is coming eventually which will add a few new features but I put together a list of some of the more oft requested to see what people wanted most.

More inventory space takes the cake. Especially early in the game with the starter spaceship and no suit upgrades, the limited inventory can be frustrating. Close behind is traditional multiplayer. Multiplayer seems to be one of the internet’s largest misgivings with the game. Many seemed to expect a lot more multiplayer stuff and wanted to be able to play with their friends.

That’s all for last week. Drop in to twitter each weekday for another poll!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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