PS4 Firmware 4.00 Details


We all knew PS4 firmware update was around the corner, but what exactly it would bring to the PlayStation 4 was a mystery until now. PlayStation announced what people can expect when 4.00 rolls out in the near future and some of the features have been heavily requested.

The changes and updates confirmed for 4.00 are the following:

A UI refresh that includes new system backgrounds and an updated What’s New Tab plus tweaks to notification pop-ups and icons.

The Quick Menu will now only take up part of the screen as opposed to the current Quick Menu that uses the whole screen. In addition the Quick Menu will now have options to look at Friends, Parties, Groups and Communities.

The Share Menu will work like the Quick Menu by only using a portion of the screen. It will also send screenshots and videos to whatever service was last used to make for a more streamlined process. Twitter videos will also be increased from 10 seconds to 140 seconds.

Folders are finally coming to the PS4 to help organize your game library. A new Purchased section will be available in the Library section which will show all purchased content leaving the Games and Applications sections to only show what is currently installed on the system.

Trophies in 4.00 will be available offline and the contents of Hidden Trophies can be revealed if the player wants to see them.

User Profiles have been refreshed with information being easier to access like comparing trophies right from the profiles. Plus background images can be added to profiles for added customization.

And there you have it, PS4 firmware 4.00’s details. 4.00 is currently going into beta and is expected to launch in the near future. For more information and images of some of the changes, head on over to the PlayStation Blog.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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