Ghost Recon Wildlands – Character & Weapon Customization Trailer


During Gamescom 2016 Ubisoft released a new trailer for Ghost Recon Wildlands showing off some of the possible customization options available in the game that’s due out next year.

In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you decide how to take down the cartel. Watch now to see how you can customize your character’s appearance and gear, and use the Gunsmith to craft weapons to take on any enemy in any environment.

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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  • RedKnightOH

    As it stands now… this game is just to limited in scale. Large and medium scale groups of friends… like online War Clans with 20 to 100 members… just can’t use this game. If getting at most, 8 players on 2 different live teams against each other… won’t cut it. We won’t waste the money on this thing.

    UbiSoft just hasn’t had the track record, for making good working games for years now. This may be a ‘pretty’ game and maybe fun for one guy to play at home by himself… but that’s it. If you can’t get 16 vs 16 or 24 vs 24 or 32 vs 32 players in a game room with good Clan Support… this game just won’t make the sales numbers to cover the development costs to make Wildlands.

    The only games that we’ve enjoyed and been successful working with was the old SONY’s SOCOM games and Battlefield 3. It seems the days of Clan Supported games have finally come to an end. Many of our Clan members just walked away from PS3 and PS4 online modern war gaming and found better things to do with their time. That may be my next decision to make. I haven’t turned on my PS4 in months now.