Private Matches coming to Destiny today

At Gamescom last month Bungie announced private matches as new feature coming to Destiny on current gen consoles. Private matches has been something that the Destiny community has been begging for since the launch of original Destiny back in 2014. This feature was not expected to be live until the launch of Destiny’s newest expansion Rise of Iron on September 20th. Similar to last years crucible preview event Destiny is giving us an early peak into the new crucible feature. Destiny: The Taken King is the only version of the game you need to have to be able to access private matches.

Private matches support multiple custom settings. You can load into a crubible match solo and learn every inch of the map to help you play better. You can load in with a friend and play one on one as long as you like. All crucible modes and maps are avaible in private matches. You can even work on daily bounties and grimore score. However weekly crucible bounty progress will not work in private matches.

Along with private matches, in game clan roster has been added to Destiny this week. You will now be able to see if your clan mates are online playing Destiny even if they are not on your friends list. Want to be part of the PS Nation clan click here to join

Written by Dave Hunt

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