3on3 FreeStyle Beta Trailer and Sign-Up


Do you want to play in the closed beta for 3on3 Freestyle. The new local and online multiplayer basketball game from Joycity. Check out the trailer and details below.

Finally, The 1st Invitational Test of 3on3 FreeStyle is here!!
Get ready for the beta on September 26 for PS4.

With the bulk of the development of 3on3 Freestyle finished,
we are excited to move along and release a closed beta of 3on3 Freestyle.

We would like to invite you to test out the closed beta version of the game, so you can provide us with your feedback to improve upon the most-authentic and most-enjoyable final version of the game.

Once you have downloaded 3on3 FreeStyle beta, two game modes (1vs1, 3vs3) will be available for you to provide your valued feedback ahead of the official release this year.

Sign up for the closed beta here.

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