Last Week on #DailyPoll – 10/14/16


This is Last Week on Daily Poll. Each weekday, a poll is posted to the PSNation twitter account, @PSNation, for all to vote on. Then, once a week I compile those polls into a post. Last week was all about VR, in theme with the launch of the PS VR on Thursday.

VR is a very “have to try it” technology. While it’s possible to describe basically how it works, it doesn’t come across nearly as well with words as it does with trying it. So I asked if people had a chance to try VR yet for Monday’s poll.

I was a little surprised. Both by how many people still haven’t been able to try any VR and by how PS VR was the most tried among those who have. This poll was before PS VR had launched so I guess a sizable portion of our twitter base made it out to a store with a demo unit or to PSX.

Many, many tons of digital ink have been spilled talking about the future of VR. Both from the skeptics who consider it the next passing fad/gimmick like motion controls and from the diehard fans who are excited for the prospects of VR. Tuesday’s poll sought to find out how many people belong to either camp, or the ones in between.

Seems like we have a generally optimistic group when it comes to VR. Many are open to the possibility that VR could be big but maybe aren’t completely convinced yet. Meanwhile we don’t have quite as many of the skeptics around. Time will tell who is right, I suppose.

Of course I couldn’t go the VR week without asking who was going to get a PS VR. We’ve seen, in past Daily Polls, that our twitter crew has a lot of early adopters but maybe they’re not all on board for this new tech.

Based on our past polls, this does seem to be one of the more tepid responses to new PlayStation tech we’ve seen. The biggest group is open to getting it down the line but aren’t sold yet. Meanwhile those who have a preorder and those who currently have no interest at all came in tied with a quarter of the votes each. I wonder how this launch will bode for Sony.

Near the end of the VR section of last week’s podcast, Dave, MJC, and Glenn gave a list of the “top four PS VR titles.” Which almost instantly went up to five as Glenn remembered another game. Anywho, I put the first four mentioned into a post to see what people were most interested in.

Lots of love for the caped crusader. Batman remains a popular franchise and evidently a chance to “be the bat” is something a lot of people are interested in. After that, the mech-sport title RIGS came in second. It is obviously a less known quantity than Batman, but it is one of the few “full game” type experiences available on the system as of yet.

I forgot to post a poll Friday. My bad.

If you ended up picking up a PS VR unit, be sure to drop into our forums and talk about your experiences. Even if you haven’t tried PS VR yet, pop on over and read what other users think of the tech.

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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