No Man’s Sky Foundation Update Is Out Plus New Trailer


Hello Games said a huge patch was coming to No Man’s Sky and now a couple days have gone by and the game has been updated and they were not kidding around.

The “Foundation” Update adds base building to the game as well as other new features and tweaks. The update includes the following:

– New Game Modes Normal, Creative and Survival.
– Normal mode is the original experience.
– Creative Mode, allows full exploration of the universe with no limits for huge base building.
– Survival Mode, is described as a more challenging experience to test player’s endurance.
– Base Building – Create a base from abandoned buildings.
– Hire lifeforms to research and occupy your base.
– Ability to teleport from a space station to your home base.
– Purchase space freighters and summon them anywhere in the galaxy
– Farm plants indoors or outdoors for resources.
– Automated Harvesting.
– Improved UI including a Quick Access Menu for inventory.
– Create save points anywhere.
– Color coded waypoints to allow backtracking and returning to points of interest.
– Communication Terminals that allow players to leave messages for other players.

There are a ton of new features, tweaks and content packed into the Foundation Update and I highly recommend reading through all these changes on No Man’s Sky’s official website. Or you can just load up No Man’s Sky and discover it for yourself as the patch went live early Sunday.


What are your thoughts on the Foundation Update, is it enough to bring you back to the game?

Source: No Man’s Sky

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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