Bridge Constructor PS4 Trailer Released


Headup Games just released a brand new trailer for the debut of Bridge Constructor on the PlayStation 4.

The successful franchise (with 50 million downloads worldwide) will soon be playable on the PS4 and with it comes high definition graphics, global high scores, intuitive controls and includes the SlopeMania Add-On DLC. The physics based bridge-building simulation will have you testing your skills as a bridge engineer and architect to create and design your own constructions and watch cars and trucks pass over them or see them fall if your designs cannot pass muster.

Take a look at some in-game screenshots in the gallery.

Checkout the PlayStation 4 trailer here.


From the Press Release:

Become an appraised bridge engineer and architect, create and design your own constructions and watch the cars and trucks pass over them – or see them fall and crash while your inferior creations collapse due to weight and the laws of physics.

The PlayStation®4 version features improved graphics, global high scores, intuitive joypad controls and also includes the SlopeMania add-on with additional 24 levels, a new setting and sloping roads.

Choose from a range of materials for each individual bridge, such as wood, steel, cables, or concrete pillars. Use the appropriate materials and stay within budget to build the perfect bridge. The choice of materials enables you to build each bridge in almost infinite variety – your budget is the only limit. So get on the drawing board and set your imagination and creativity free!


  • 40 Levels on the island nation of Camatuga
  • Slopemania: 24 “sloping” levels incl. especially tricky crazy levels
  • 6 Settings: city, canyon, beach, mountains, hills, grotto
  • Map with unlocked worlds and levels
  • 4 different building materials: wood, steel, cables, concrete pillars
  • Color coded load indicator for different building materials
  • Three different load bearing levels: car, truck and tank truck
  • Intuitive gamepad controls

Written by Ben Palmer

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