PlayStation Plus December 2016 Update


Check out what games will be included in the December update for PlayStation Plus. Remember you can voice your opinions on these Plus games in the comments section below and in our forums.

PlayStation 4

Invisible Inc.
Review – “If you are at all interested in turn-based or tactical stealth games you owe it to yourself to try Invisible Inc.” – Matt

Stories: The Path of Destinies
Review – “It boasts a great personality, an amazing narrative with moral choices to be made” – Rey

PlayStation 3

Hyper VoidCross-Buy PS4
Site – “a single player third-person space-shooter that jumps the player through stellar wormholes packed with high-action experience.”

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops
News – “Tiny Troopers Joint Ops is an epic bite sized arcade shooter, filled to the brim with action-packed mini maps of mayhem!”

PlayStation Vita

Color GuardiansCross-Buy PS4, PS3
Info – “You have to either master every inch of the level with excellent timing and patience or learn to accept an imperfect score and move on.” – Chazz

Site – “a platform game all about exploring one simple mechanical idea – what if you reversed gravity instead of jumping?”

So what do you think of this line-up, let us know in the comments below and in the forums.

Information taken from the EU and US PlayStation Blogs.


Written by Chazz Harrington

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