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Last week a little game called Final Fantasy XV released. I’m sure no one has heard of it, but just in case they have, I themed the week’s Daily Poll questions about the Final Fantasy series.

First question was of course to find out who planned to pick up FFXV, which was out only a day after the poll started. It has been over a decade in the making and has seen a lot of ups and downs in terms of the hype placed on it.

Seems to be roughly split into thirds. One third of voters want it soon, one third have no interest, and the remaining third might try it at some point. It was announced a few days after launch that the game had sold (shipped?) five million copies, so there does seem to be some interest in it.

Now to get a little more general, asking if people are fans of the Final Fantasy franchise. The series has been around for decades and has way more than the fifteen mainline games once you start factoring in sequels, spinoffs, and the like.

I was a little surprised that thirty-four percent of those polled hadn’t even tried one of the games. I guess that’s the crowd that doesn’t have an interest in JRPGs. Of those remaining, a pretty good percentage seem to like the games, either a lot or casually.

As I do every month when the PS+ games are announced, I asked about people’s reaction to said games. So taking a break from Final Fantasy, let’s see what the thoughts were about December’s PS+ games.

Overall, a very meh response. Not too many people care much for the selection of games. Seems even more tempered than the responses to the past few months, if I recall. But there is at least one person excited:

Wednesday Bonus
Well, I didn’t fully take a break from the Final Fantasy. I had wanted to ask which of the four main characters of FFXV was favored but I know not everyone is playing the game yet. But as a bonus aside from the PS+ game question, it seemed like a good place to put it.

I’m not surprised that the main character would get the most votes. Being the playable character gives him some brownie points, I’m sure, and getting the most development in backstory and cutscenes helps too. Course, there’s always someone like Mr.Blonde in these polls…

In lieu of anything better to ask, I figured I could get a ranking for some of the Final Fantasy games. Starting off with PS1 seemed like a good place. And yes, I realize there were some remakes and other games but I decided to stick with the mainline games (and Tactics for good measure).

Again, not surprised that FFVII took the top spot. It was really a whirlwind of things coming together for Square and VII propelled the series into a new spotlight. In the time since it came out, it has seen some of the most continued support in terms of spinoff games and media.

Finally, Friday took Thursdays poll and asked it about the PS2 games. Again, I’ve stuck to mainline games, save X-2. But really, was Dirge of Cerberus anyone’s favorite? I doubt it.

Interesting that Final Fantasy X takes it with an even larger percentage than FFVII did in the previous poll. But I think that speaks more to the other games in the poll than FFX. FFX-2 is a sequel, and though it has its fans, not every played it. Likewise, Final Fantasy XI is an MMO and a departure from the previously only single-player franchise. That leaves FFXII as the only other “proper” Final Fantasy on the list.

That’s all for last week. New polls go up each weekday (if I remember) so go find them on Twitter and vote!

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

A longtime PlayStation fan who enjoys JRPGs and rhythm games when he’s not tweeting about his parrot.

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