Her Majesty’s SPIFFING Looks To Save The UK

The keen minds over at Billy Goat Entertainment have a new adventure coming to the PlayStation 4 today.

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING will be available as a digital download on the PlayStation Store and based upon the trailer below the game has me very intrigued. Upset about the current state of global affairs, the Queen decides she has had enough and looks to “take back control” in order to rescue the UK from disaster. However, the only way to do this is by journeying into space using the “Special Planetary Investigative Force For Inhabiting New Galaxies” to take over new planets for the British Empire. This point-and-click adventure harkens back to the days of LucasArts so anyone who enjoyed Maniac Mansion or Day of The Tentacle is sure to enjoy this.

Checkout the launch trailer here.


Read the witty press release below.

Britain Bounces Back: As A Nation Holds Its Breath And Stares Into The Abyss…
Her Majesty’s SPIFFING Launches On PS4
Queen’s Realm Saved By Amazing New Adventure Game

Tuesday 13th December, Belfast, UK: Everyone remembers exactly where they were when they found out Britain had voted to leave the EU. (Still in bed, if they had any sense.)

Similarly, everyone remembers exactly where they were when President Elect Donald Trump took to the stage and, out of nowhere, said the American people owed his arch nemesis Hillary Clinton a “major debt of gratitude” for her service to their country. Yeah, we didn’t see that one coming either.

And, in the months and years ahead, everyone will remember exactly where they were when they first encountered Captain Frank Lee English and his colleague, Sub-lieutenant Aled Jones, as they took to stars in the HMSS Imperialise to conquer the galaxy for the new British Empire. Well, given how nuts 2016 has been, would you really bet against this happening?

Yes, Her Majesty’s SPIFFING – that’s the Special Planetary Investigative Force For Inhabiting New Galaxies, if you wondering – is hitting PlayStation 4, handing the players to help the United Kingdom “take back control”, but this time in space. The Queen, frustrated with the nation’s decline, dissolves parliament and sends her SPIFFING team off out into the universe to claim new planets for the old empire. It’s all about taking back contr… wait, did we do that joke already?

That’s right. If you’re looking for a game that shamelessly works in recent political events for cheap gags in play, Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is the release for you. Developed by Belfast-based Billy Goat Entertainment, Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is a point-and-click adventure that taps into some of the genre’s classics, but brings them hurtling into the modern era.

Namely, it features the kind of gags that would have landed up on the cutting room floor in an old LucasArts game, but saves the day with full 3D graphics and controls built from the ground up for DUALSHOCK®4. Seriously, pay no attention to the jokes, just look at how pretty it looks. Pretty, pretty, pretty. That’s all that counts, right?

Written by Ben Palmer

Ben Palmer

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